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Error when converting synop to littleR file with obsproc.exe

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I am converting synop observations to littleR, and set my namelist.obsprocView attachment namelist.obsproc.txt.
But I found that only observations at the analysis time(2017-11-01_12:00:00) was processed, not all the observations in the time window of 6 hours around the analysis time. This puzzled me.
As show in the file View attachment obs_duplicate_time.diag_2017-11-01_12_00_00.txt, A large amount of observations are considerd as duplicated and removed.
SO anybody could point out my error in the namelist.obsproc, or the understanding of obsproc.exe program.
Thanks in advance!
use_for = '3DVAR' ! 'FGAT', '4DVAR'

WRFDA/obsproc keeps only one observation closest to the analysis time from a fixed station in non-4DVAR mode.