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Error when forcing WRF SCM

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Hi everyone!

I have been running WRF SCM ( for a long time without forcing. Now I am trying to make it run forced from a NetCDF-file based on data from the 3D-model. The model runs smoothly without forcing, but when I turn on the forcing (wrf_scm = 1 in namelist.input) it crashes. Notice that it crashes even when all of the forcing variables in the namelist are set to .false., so there is something that doesn't necessarilly has to do with the data. Maybe the form of the data in the Force-file....? I have tried to turn on the 4 variables I am interested in, and it still crashes. These are: scm_vert_adv, scm_force_th_largescale, scm_force_qv_largescale and scm_force_wind_largescale. I don't force soil or surface fluxes, but the variables still exists in the Force file. Other not used variables also exist in the NetCDF-Force file

Ideal.exe runs smoothly and I also construct the initial sounding and the Forcing NetCDF-file without problems . It is wrf.exe that crashes after 2 time-steps and I get a segmentation fault in the error code (attachment 1).

Attachment 2: Forcing NetCDF-file

Attachment 3: namelist.input

Attachment 4: Wrfout-file consisting of 2.5 timesteps (20s each), before it crashed.

Attachment 5: wrf.exe


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