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Error_in_finding_100_hPa_up -

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L Alvarez

New member
Hello there,

Running the ARWpost, I encounter this error.
In principle nothing has changed in my configuration, I have only increased the resolution of domain 4, to use srtm to 3s.
metgrid says it ends well, just like real.exe.

Found the right date - continue
Troubles finding level  100 above ground.
Problems first occur at (   1,   1)
Surface pressure =    NaN hPa.

Any ideas

L. Alvarez
Hello there,

I am taking the model to the limit. It wasn't ARWpost's problem.
Finally I setting the time_step from 30s to 20s "corrected" the problem (blew up), but in fact the model presents significant anomalies where the topography has a "very significant slope", especially in the field of surface pressure, but this fact was corrected with as the simulation progressed.., it was" normalized".

L. Alvarez