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errors when running the baroclinic wave case for MPAS-A


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I have had issues with the baroclinic wave idealized test case for MPAS-A. This happens every time I try to run in parallel.

Here are the errors I get in log.init_atmosphere.0000.out:
ERROR: Writing to stream 'output' would clobber file '',
ERROR: but clobber_mode is set to 'never_modify'.

Here are the last few lines in the log.atmosphere.0000.out:

Reading streams configuration from file streams.atmosphere
Found mesh stream with filename template
Using default io_type for mesh stream
** Attempting to bootstrap MPAS framework using stream: input
Bootstrapping framework with mesh fields from input file ''

And then nothing more. My slurm file gives me the following error:

At line 183 of file mpas_block_decomp.F
Fortran runtime error: Index '40962' of dimension 1 of array 'global_list' above upper bound of 40961

I have been getting this error for all the tests we have run so far. Any idea how to solve this?

I attach the slurm code and the out files.



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