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eta level

Khin Myat

I would like to ask about eta level setting. Although i set up eta 85 levels in namelist.input file, there are just only 60 levels in PH file of ts list. And the maximum geopotential height is only 2657.762 m. Should the eta level be considered with the p-top requested value? If the p-top requested value is 50 hpa, how many levels can we set? What will be the problem in my setting? I attached my namelsit.input and ph file here.
Is there any suggestion or advice for that problem?
Thank you in advance for your time.



  • namelist.input
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I have found my problem. As i set up max_ts_level =60 in the namelist.input, it just shows only 60 levels in vertical profile of ts file.
After I have changed maximum ts level, all the vertical levels come out in ts file.