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Exercise 1: Building and using a global emissions data in a WRF-Chem simulation.

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Hello everyone!
I am a new user of wrfchem model and i am trying to familiarize with it according to the exercise 3 (
I have two problems when i run this exercise.
The first one is at step 11. When i try to examine my wrffirechemi_d01 file , it does not look like this at the exercise (with fires over Greece) but a map with no variables. The other two files (wrfchemi_d01 and wrfchemi_gocart_bg_d01) look fine.
The second and biggest problem, is at the final step (17). When i finally run the wrf.exe successfully, and examine the wrfout file, the PM_2.5 DRY emissions doesnt look fine. In comparison with the results of the exercise, in my file the maximune values of concentrations is over the sea and not over the north Africa. The other emissions (SO2 etc) seem to be fine.

Does anyone have the same problems like this?

Thank you very much in advance.!
Hi there,

I encountered similar issues as you did when doing the tutorial exercises ( I am wondering if you have solved your problems and could you provide some suggestions for me?

I am using WRF-Chem After running convert_emiss.exe the output files are built and there were no errors in the rsl.error.0000. But all the output files seem to have no variables and I cannot run real.exe successfully (error opening wrffirechemi_d01). I have attached the namelist.input and rsl.error.0000 for both convert_emiss.exe and real.exe.

I also saw some users mentioned that the convert_emiss is broken for WRF-Chem3.7 and later. I am not sure whether my problems are caused by errors in setting the namelist.input or the technical issues of WRF-Chem itself.

Can anyone please help me with it? Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


  • convert_emiss_rsl.error.0000.txt
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