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Explore the contribution of each pathway to nitrate formation


New member
Dear all,

I am currently utilizing WRF-Chem 4.4.2. with chem_opt = 202 in order to model atmospheric nitrate/NOx for different nitrate formation pathways and am investigating the individual contributions of each pathway to nitrate formation.

In order to isolate and examine a specific reaction related to nitrate formation, I am interested in selectively disabling other reactions associated with nitrate formation. I seek clarification on how to properly close reactions in the MOZCART-MOSAIC scheme.

Alternatively, if this approach is incorrect; I am asking for suggestions on alternative methodologies to explore. the contribution of each pathway to nitrate formation within WRF-Chem.

with regards

Xiao Yan
Hi might,

I agree with your suggestion that before modifying the chemical mechanism, including *.equ and *.def files, I need to fully understand it. I have attempted these changes in the past and observed the resulting alterations in the model outputs, but I lack a scientific explanation of the changes I made.😅

Do you suggest using the PERMM analysis tool for this purpose, or do you know any other alternatives that account for both gas-phase and heterogeneous chemistry, Because, as far as I know, the PERMM analysis tool is only suitable for gas-phase chemistry. Is it right? But the nitrate chemical processes are not only gas-phase but also aerosol.

As I seek guidance from experts in WRF-Chem, I look forward to your advice.

with regards
Xiao Yan