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file incremental error in running mozbc

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I am running the mozbc utility with WRF Version 4.0 and I have a single file for one day for one day simulation. I am getting the 'file incremental' error now.
I tried downloading the data for previous date and stilll the error persists.
I see a similar query from a few years back in the wrf-user mailing list but do not see an answer attached.
My error is the following-

init_mozart_lib: opened ../mozbc/mozbc_data/

next_flnm; trying to increment file
next_flnm; il, iu = 3 6
next_flnm; file_number = 1
next_flnm; new file =
failed to open ../mozbc/mozbc_data/
No such file or directory

fail to process netCDF file...

I appreciate any leads.

Thank you,
Hi Prerita,

I am not especially familiar with the code of mozbc, but it seems as though it is also looking for a file named:, which may be an issue from your namelist . Could you also attach your namelist? Based on the README:

Note that if need be mozbc will increment the fn_moz filename to look for
matching times once the end of the fn_moz file has been reached.

Are you supplying a file or just one value for fn_moz?

One thing you could try, since you only need one file, is to just copy your hb0001 file to hb0000.

Hi Jordan,
I was able to solve the issue.
The mozbc utility was searching for date,datesec from one day before the actual simulation.

Thanks for the help!

Hi all,
I have the same problem, but my data are monthly averages, could you explain in more detail how you did to correct the problem, please.

Thank you