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FINN and Plume Rise Model

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Hi all,

I am trying to understand more about the plumerise model, specifically how the smoldering phase vs flaming phase is determined. FINN fire_emis generates the wrffirechemi_* files which are input to the plume rise model. They include the fire size, fraction of land by vegetation type, and total wildfire emission flux (smoldering + flaming phase).

From what I understand, to include FINN in WRF-Chem, you must set the WRF namelist option scale_fire_emis = .true.. The plume rise model then calculates a ratio of smoldering to total emissions based on CO, after allocating them vertically.

Can anyone help me with the module_plumerise1 code? The ratio is applied at each level, surface to plume top. It seems like this would double count some emissions. My understanding is that the surface layer only should be smoldering, so it makes sense to apply this ratio for layer 1. However, above that in the plume, shouldn't the emissions be from flaming? In which case, it seems like 1-smoldering/total should be applied. Is the vertical grid in module_plumerise1 the same as that in module_chem_plumerise_scalar?

(I am using WRF-Chem v3.8.1, with chem_opt = 2)

Thank you,