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Flerchinger USEd in NEW version & exceeded w_critical_cfl


New member
Hi all,
I am trying to run WRF-Chem at 1 km resolution for domain 4.
After one week of simulation, it stopped with these lines in rsl... files
W: 142 121 13 W: 4.07 w-cfl: 1.01 dETA: 0.01
1 points exceeded w_critical_cfl in domain d04 at time ....
Max W: 142 121 13 W: 3.99 w-cfl: 1.01 dETA: 0.01
and then it keeps repeating the below line
Flerchinger USEd in NEW version. Iterations= 10
How to solve the problem??
Thanks in advance.
For those who may need the solution, I solved it by setting w_damping=1 and damp_opt = 3.