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forrtl: error (78): process killed (SIGTERM)

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I'm using the same namelist running WRF-ChemV3.7.1 and WRF-ChemV4.0 simultaneously. Everything seems to work fine with WRF-ChemV4.0 and something was wrong using WRF-ChemV3.7.1: WARNING, FRC_URB2D = 0 BUT IVGTYP IS URBAN WARNING, THE URBAN FRACTION WILL BE READ FROM URBPARM.TBL USING DEFAULT URBAN MORPHOLOGY.

I check out the rsl* files and find out no CFL errors. I've attached the rsl files and namelist.input. Do I need to make some modifications to the namelist.input when using WRF-ChemV3.7.1?

Thanks a lot.



  • rsl.out.txt
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  • rsl.error.txt
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  • namelist.input
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I assume you are making sure to use the files in the WRF/run directory associated with each executable? And did you build the wrfinput file separately or are you using the same one?