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GEN_BE2.0 for WRFDA chem assimilation


New member
Describe the bug
I was trying to prepare a be.dat file for WRFDA for aerosol assimilation. On default settings for GEN_BE in mosaic/gocard with cv=5 I obtain errors “No variable de control qrain or qsnow or qice or qclouc has been selected”. I changed cv to 7. After that GEN_BE works correctly but in WRFDA is error Read problem in lengthscales in be.dat Trying to read lengthscales for variable 1: qrain. What interesting in WRFDA’s test files be.dat is prepared for cv=7. (And here is a wonder, because the file is without hydrometeors and it works).

Expected behavior
Generated file from GEN_BE2.0 will work in WRFDA chem assimilation