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geogrid issue with new static data

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I use high resolution terrain data to create a new file 'topo_ASTER ' in the geog ,and make a new option in the GEOGRID.TBL
However ,when I am tryintg torun ./geogrid.exe , this code shows up :In /geog/topo_ASTER/index,unrecognized option in entry 16.
The index is that:
type = continuous
signed = yes
projection = regular_ll
dx = 0.00027777778
dy = 0.00027777778
known_x = 1.0
known_y = 1.0
known_lat = 31
known_lon = 100
wordsize =2
endian = little
tile_x = 3601
tile_y = 3601
tile_z = 1
missing_value = 32768
units = "meters MSL"
description = "ASTER 1-sec Topography Height"

the entry 16 is "row_order=top_bottom"
Why is it unrecongnized ?
Can you provide a copy of your GEOGRID.TBL file? Also, which version of the WPS are you using?
WPS 3.7.1

name = HGT_M
priority = 1
dest_type = continuous
smooth_option = smth-desmth_special; smooth_passes=1
interp_option = ASTER:average_gcell(4.0)+four_pt+average_4pt
interp_option = 30s:average_gcell(4.0)+four_pt+average_4pt
interp_option = 2m:four_pt
interp_option = 5m:four_pt
interp_option = 10m:four_pt
interp_option = default:four_pt
rel_path= 30s:topo_30s/
rel_path= 2m:topo_2m/
rel_path= 5m:topo_5m/
rel_path= 10m:topo_10m/
rel_path= default:topo_2m/
It looks like the error from the 'index' file parser is misleading: the error is not actually from line 16 of the 'index' file, but refers to the filename_digits option, which wasn't introduced until WPS v3.8 ( Updating to a newer version of the WPS should help.
I've opened up an issue in the WPS repository so we can get this fixed in a future release: . Sorry about the troubles this has caused!