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Grid indexing / local cell re-ordering for cache reuse

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after browsing through some of the older MPAS presentation slides in, I found a slide about local cell re-ordering (slide 10) which has the potential to improve cache reuse. While it is mentioned in the presentation that there is no local cell re-ordering performed for MPAS meshes, the graph to the right suggest that there is a possible way of obtaining this kind of local cell re-ordering. Have there been further developments in this direction and are there any plans to include such a local cell re-ordering in the official MPAS workflow?

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Apologies for the long delay in replying! While we don't perform any online cell reordering, we do have some experimental offline code that orders the cells according to a modified version of the reverse Cuthill-McKee algorithm given a mesh file and a Metis partition file. I don't remember specific numbers, but I think we were seeing at most a ~10% performance improvement when each MPI rank was assigned O(10^3) to O(10^4) grid columns, and less improvement when scaling out to higher numbers of MPI tasks (perhaps because the smaller blocks of cells fit better into cache?).

Generally, I think we've found that placing the vertical dimension innermost helps to alleviate the impact of the indirect addressing that's necessitated by our use of a horizontally unstructured grid. See, e.g., MacDonald et al. (IJHPCA 2010).