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How can I impose a non-uniform SST for an idealised case ?

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Hi all,

I'd like to impose a non-uniform SST in an idealised simulation with WRF V4.3.1. Because of my setup, I decided to start from the em_convrad test case and modify it. I imposed SST in module_initialize_ideal.F through an equation for grid%tsk(i,j) which depends on j. Since I am running the em_convrad test case, I edited grid%tsk(i,j) in the section of module_initialize_ideal.F that deals with em_convrad (after CASE(convrad)). Then I recompiled and ran.

But in the output, I can see that my modifications of SST were not taken into account by the run. The SST remains uniform. Do you have any idea of what I am doing wrong ?

It seems that in the newest WRF versions, it is possible to specify SST in the em_convrad test case from the input_sounding. I'm not too sure how the model chooses if conflicting information on SST is passed via the input_sounding and the module_initialize_ideal.F . Could that be causing the problem ? Can I force the initialisation to use SST from the initialisation file, and not from the sounding ?

If this is impossible with the em_convrad test case, would it be doable with any other idealised test case ?

Thanks a lot for any hint.