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How do I use auxillary files to output variables other than those in wrfout?

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There are 2 options:

1) You can add these variables in Registry.EM_COMMON (if they already exist in the registry, add an "h" in the registry IO column), then recompile and revise the namelist.input file by adding the below example options:

auxhistN_outname = "rainfall_d<domain>"
auxhistN_interval = 10,
frames_per_auxhistN = 1000, 1000
io_form_auxhistN = 2

Note: N is the stream number for your extra output variables. Since you modified the registry file, you'll need to issue a "clean -a" and then reconfigure and recompile.

2) Another option is to use the runtime IO option, which allows you to make changes to the namelist without having to recompile the code. Explicit information can be found here:
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