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How to assimilate radiation data with ETKF


New member
I've been using ETKF recently and the program updates the members based on the information in filtered_obs_01. This file is a diagnostic file for convention observations and does not contain radiation data. I would like to know how the ETKF assimilates the radiometric data?Thanks in addvance.
Define the state variables: Radiation data assimilation typically involves estimating radiation fluxes or radiation-related parameters. Define the state variables that represent the radiation quantities of interest in your model. These variables could include shortwave radiation, longwave radiation, net radiation, or other relevant parameters. CFA Home
Generate ensemble members: Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter requires an ensemble of model states to represent the uncertainty in the system. Generate multiple model states (ensemble members) by perturbing the initial conditions or model parameters.
Thank you for your reply. I want to know if you mean to modify the source code and add the parameters which i‘m’ interested in, so that can be input into the filtered_obs_01 file?