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How to compile Precip_Converter in WRFDA for Stage IV data


Dear all,

I am wondering do we still have any using precip_converter from here for Stage IV data. It was written by Junmei Ban.
I ran into this issue: undefined reference to functions (see below). I have linked g2 and w3 without issue but the write_rainobs.exe can't be made.

gfortran -o write_rainobs.exe write_rainobs.o /gpfs/fs1/home/htan/WRF4.3/WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/libw3.a /gpfs/fs1/home/htan/WRF4.3/WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/libg2_4.a
/gpfs/fs1/home/htan/WRF4.3/WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/libg2_4.a(gbytesc.o): In function `gbytes_':
gbytesc.f:(.text+0x220): multiple definition of `gbytes_'
/gpfs/fs1/home/htan/WRF4.3/WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/libw3.a(gbytes.o):gbytes.f:(.text+0x0): first defined here
/gpfs/fs1/home/htan/WRF4.3/WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/libg2_4.a(gbytesc.o): In function `sbyte_':
gbytesc.f:(.text+0x4d0): multiple definition of `sbyte_'
/gpfs/fs1/home/htan/WRF4.3/WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/libw3.a(sbyte.o):sbyte.f:(.text+0x0): first defined here
/gpfs/fs1/home/htan/WRF4.3/WPS/ungrib/src/ngl/libw3.a(baciof.o): In function `baread_':
baciof.f:(.text+0x471): undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memcpy'
baciof.f:(.text+0x5c4): undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memcpy'
baciof.f:(.text+0x6c4): undefined reference to `_intel_fast_memcpy'

Many thanks in advance,
However, based on the error message you provided, it appears that the issue may be related to linking errors between the libraries libg2, libw3, and the missing function _intel_fast_memcpy. One solution could be to ensure that the missing function is properly linked to your program, either by linking a library that contains this function or by providing an implementation of the function in your code. Additionally, you could try to rebuild the libraries and executables from source using a consistent set of compilers and linker flags. It may also be helpful to consult the documentation for the libraries you are using or seek assistance from their developers or user communities.
I hope this will help you.