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how to convert an annual emissions inventory to one suitable for WRF-Chem


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Hello everybody
I have searched for information on various sites, but as such I have not found a kind of manual to convert my local emissions inventory into one suitable for modelling.
If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.
I run the wrf model for 15 days duration. In wrfout file generated, I did console the RAINNC and RAINC values for specific lat,long,time period. All values I get are between 0 and 1. For example : 0.0004152, 0.00006559, 0.008e-5 and so on. None of them are not even close to 1. But actual values for same tuple : lat,long,time period are like 1.05, 5.26, 9.56 and so on. Why is it happening ?

My namelist.wps file :

My namelist.wps file :


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