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How to deal with OC emissions for MOSAIC aerosol scheme?


New member

I have a question on how to prepare emissions for OC that will be read by WRF-Chem. Typically, anthropogenic emission inventories provide gridded data for PM2.5, Organic Carbon (OC), and Black Carbon (BC). It's understood that:

PM2.5 emissions = BC emissions + OM emissions + Dust emissions, Where, OM emissions = OC emissions × a given factor (often around 2).

Given this, when setting up emission input for WRF-Chem:

(1) Should we multiply OC emissions by the OM/OC factor and use the resultant OM emissions to feed WRF-Chem?
(2) If we do not do the scaling, and only provide emissions for OC (instead of OM) for WRF-Chem. The aerosols in the model will be fewer than they should be. This will lead to meteorological bias since WRF-Chem simulates the interaction between aerosol and radiation/clouds. How to deal with this?
(3) If we do the scaling, will that be inconsistent with the model since WRF-Chem MOSAIC scheme only has a variable named OC, rather than OM.

I will appreciate any thought or help on this.