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How to deal with the error, urban_map_zwd too small in WRFChem version 4.0.3?


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Hi, I'm running with WRF-Chem 4.0.3, if I run with multiple layer urban canopy BEP(sf_urban_physics =2 ) or BEP+BEM(sf_urban_physics =3), it will stop in a few minutes. sf_urban_physics = 0 or 1 won't cause the problem.

The error in rsl* files is: urban_map_zwd too small, please increase to at least 5400.

In the version 3, I have added "num_urban_layers = 5400" in namelist.input. But this doesn't work in version 4. And I also remember I have seen in somewhere, that "the added sentence is not needed in version 4".

How could I deal with the problem? I have attached the namelist.input and rsl* file.

Thank you!


  • namelist.input
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