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How to extract Temperature/Pressure/Surface Roughness and Precipitation data at a specific location from WRFOUT files

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I am using WRF to simulate the winds and there is a huge mismatch in wind speed data between measured and WRF output at certain locations of a tropical island.

So, I want to check what is the simulated temperature, pressure, surface roughness, and precipitation against measurements.

I seek assistance as to how I can extract the wrf simulated temperature, pressure, surface roughness and precipitation data at a specific location from the wrfout files.

Appreciate sample scripts, guidance, assistance and advice.

Hi Kunal,

Please use the NCL function wrf_user_ll_to_xy to get data at a point. This gives you the closest grid point to your lat/lon:

point = wrf_user_ll_to_xy(a,lon,lat,opts)

And now you can pull your data:

t2_point = a->T2(0,point(0),point(1))

In the future here are sites that can be very useful: