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how to get anthropogenic emission file using EDGAR datasets?

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I am a beginner in the WRF-CHEM. I met some difficulties when I use convert_emiss.exe to get anthropogenic emission files, and the errors are shown below:

2410 forrtl: severe (24): end-of-file during read, unit -5, file Internal List-Directed Read
2411 Image PC Routine Line Source
2412 convert_emiss.exe 0000000003B4163E for__io_return Unknown Unknown
2413 convert_emiss.exe 0000000003B6FDDD for_read_int_lis_ Unknown Unknown
2414 convert_emiss.exe 0000000003B6E546 for_read_int_lis Unknown Unknown
2415 convert_emiss.exe 00000000023FEF0B Unknown Unknown Unknown
2416 convert_emiss.exe 000000000247BA9D Unknown Unknown Unknown
2417 convert_emiss.exe 0000000002472CA1 Unknown Unknown Unknown
2418 convert_emiss.exe 00000000022D103C Unknown Unknown Unknown
2419 convert_emiss.exe 0000000002275025 Unknown Unknown Unknown
2420 convert_emiss.exe 0000000001E97339 Unknown Unknown Unknown
2421 convert_emiss.exe 00000000004115FE Unknown Unknown Unknown
2422 convert_emiss.exe 000000000041109E Unknown Unknown Unknown
2423 00002B9C17746505 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
2424 convert_emiss.exe 0000000000410FA9 Unknown Unknown Unknown

In addition, I found that if I delete the em_real/emissopt3_d01 file, the same errors appears.
Is there anyone could help me? I have stucked here for several days. Thank you very much!


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