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How to get locations of ingested observations into WRFDA


Dear all,
We are trying to assimilate vertical profile data of temperature and humidity, for the simulation of tropical cyclones. The running of Obsproc.exe and da_wrfvar.exe is successfully completed. But, where/how can I get information about the locations (lat and long) of observational which are ingested into WRFDA?

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Radiosonde observations are obtained from weather balloons launched at various locations. The Global Telecommunications System (GTS) is a common source for radiosonde data, and it typically includes location information along with other parameters. You can access radiosonde data through meteorological agencies or data centers that distribute this type of data. If you are assimilating aircraft reports, such as aircraft weather observations or dropsonde data, the latitude and longitude coordinates are usually recorded as part of the report. Data centers or organizations that collect and distribute aircraft observations, like the Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR) system, can provide access to this data, including the location information.
Dear sir,
I'm trying to assimilate the satellite-derived profile data, which has information about latitude and longitude. In that case, WRFDA doesn't take in all of the data because some of them were taken out because of quality checks and thinning. So, I need information about the data that I put into the model (WRFDA), but not everything.

Thank you.