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How to initialize MPAS using restart files

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I'm relatively new to running MPAS. Previously, I was given restart and analysis files for a 96 ensemble members produced from MPAS-DART's EnKF. Since I was given these, and the model's executable's "init_atmosphere" and "atmosphere_model" were available, it was easy to run the model forward for those members.

My question is: if I'm now just given restart files for those 96 members, how do I go about initializing the model with those files? And then running them forward? Is there something I need to run with "init_atmosphere" first, and then run for the "atmosphere_model"? If my question is simple, if someone could point me to documentation that would be great.

For running a restart file you will only need to run the atmosphere_model executable. Because restart files contain all of the needed MPAS grid information, as well as the current state of a simulation, it will be able to integrate forward from that point, without any additional files (Except, of course, a namelist.atmosphere file, a streams.atmopshere file, the stream_list files and the required MPAS physics .TBL files).

If you have not already, please take a look at section 7.3 of the MPAS Atmosphere Users Guide, which has information on running the model from a cold start and from a restart model (Running from a restart is handled near the end of the section).

The section in the Users Guide should give you enough information to integrate from your restart files; however, if you have troubles please feel free to let us know.