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How to read observation data in the little_r format.


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Anyone could help me how to read and understand attached observation file?
For instance, what is "38.46000," "-104.180000529PUX," "NCEP PREPBUFR," "FM-132," and so on, in "prepbufr2littleR_VADWND.txt" file?

Besides, how can I make use of these concatenated files?
Python can extract numerical data only for processing?
How about MATLAB or Excel?

Thank you very much,


  • prepbufr2littleR_ADPUPA.txt
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Hello, You can learn more about little_r format from here WRFDA Online Tutorial
About your observation file, the first line is the head record, there is the general data about the observations:
First number is the latitude, then the longitude, and go on. you can learn about all the parameters of head record in the link bellow
then you have the data about real observation, including atmospheric pression, height, temperature,etc. In that case, you have a multiple levels observations.