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How to solve for Missing Terrain data from Wrf_out file

Khin Myat

Hi all members,

Now I am plotting terrain data from wrf_out file. I run the simulation with 5 domains. Although terrain data displayed correctly in D01, D04,D05, I think some terrain data is missing in some part of D02 D03. I am also finding my mistake, but I could not get any clue for my mistake.
What kind of factor should I check for that kind of error? I am also wondering why i can run the simulation successfully although some terrain data are missing and mistakenly assumed.
Any help or comment is appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your time.



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Hi Community Member,

I want solution for the same as I am facing the same issue.
Could anyone please guide on it.?
I believe the terrain missing issue is not a model issue. It is more like that something is wrong in your visualization tool.
What package did you use to plot terrain? If you are familiar with NCL, can you try the script I attach in this post?


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Dear @Ming Chen,
Thank you very much for your reply. I am sorry for my late.
I also used NCL command to make the plot.
But, there was one issue when I run the simulation. I used ASTER GDEM resolution in domain 3 but the high resolution data did not cover the whole domain 3. When I set up the simulation , I thought that the terrain data will be filled with default data if there is no high resolution data because I set up geogrid data with ASTER GDEM +default. I think that may be the reason.
@jimmorges For my case, I change my domain location. When I set up the domain with high resolution data covered area, my problem has been solved.