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How to use GOES radiance data?

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I am interested in assimilation of GOES radiance which is possible since WRFDA v4.0.
How to set properly the following namelist.input options?

1. &wrfvar4

2. What should be the WRFDA naming convention for NCEP BUFR file names for GOES?

3. It is indicated in the WRF Guide that the GOES data format is NETCDF (the Table):

IMAGER GOES 13-15 NETCDF (4,13-15,22)

However, the GOES files are in RADBUFR fromat at

In both cases, how to convert the RADBUFR (or NETCDF) format to the acceptable NCEP BUFR format?

use_goesimgobs=true. Those are NOAA GVAR NC file named:,, or