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Hybrid data assimilation

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Hi wrfda community,
I tried to run the tutorials in WRFDA support page : 3DEnVar method.
They mentioned that before the assimilation stage, there is a need to provide a set of 10 ensemble forecasts. In the tutorial they are named : "wrfout_d01_2016-01-23_00:00:00.e001" up to "wrfout_d01_2016-01-23_00:00:00.e010". My question is if i want to run a custom experiment, how do i produce such files?
You may want to refer to this help topic:

One way to do this is to create a set of perturbed first guess files (as discussed in that help topic) and then run forecasts from all of those fg's. Then rename the wrfout files to have the appropriate suffixes.
As an addendum to my previous reply, using WRFDA in cycling requires the fg to be a wrfinput file, not a wrfout file. So when performing the ensemble of forecasts, you should set the following namelist variables (durations only given as an example):

 write_input                         = .true.,
 inputout_interval                   = 60,
 input_outname                       = "wrfinput_out_d<domain>_<date>",