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I am having issues outputting simulated brightness temperatures from a satellite instrument, what is the problem?

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I am having issues outputting simulated brightness temperatures from a satellite instrument. I get either zero-filled TB fields or no TB fields at all in my UPP output, what is the problem?.
1. It may be that your microphysics isn't supported. UPP output of satellite brightness temperatures have not been developed and tested for all microphysics schemes. Current supported microphysics include Thompson, Ferrier, WSM6, and Lin.

2. It’s possible that the satellite field of view does not cover any part of your domain. It is important to have a general knowledge of the specific satellite you are requesting for output in UPP. You can also consult your unipost.out log file for this information. If you have requested output of satellite products you will see lines similar to this pertaining to the specific satellite instruments:

obstype, isis= ahi_himawari8ahi_himawari8
zenith info: zenith= 133.724152 scan= 133.724152 MAX_SENSOR_SCAN_ANGLE= 80.000000000000000

In this example, the Himawari-8 instrument has a max allowed scan angle of 80, and for this particular domain, the zenith angle computed is 133, which is larger than 80. In this case, the domain is not within the field of view and the Himawari-8 fields will not be output.