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I am unable to compile plotgrids.exe, plotfmt.exe, RIP4, plot_soundings.exe or plot_level.exe. What can I do?

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Programs 'plotgrids.exe' and 'plotfmt.exe' are no longer automatically compiled with WPS. Instead of 'plotgrids.exe,' there is a program called 'plotgrids.ncl' that is compiled, and serves the exact same purpose. 'plotfmt.exe' is only useful for new data types (that we do not support). If you still wish to compile these programs, you can type:

./compile util >& log.util

If you have NCL installed, before compiling, it may be useful to type 'ncargf90'. This will tell you the correct libraries to use if you would like to compile those 2 programs. Then you will need to edit the following line in your 'configure.wps' file to reflect those libraries (and then save the 'configure.wps' file before compiling):

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