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I have forecast hours greater than 999, but UPP cannot process them, what do I do?

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UPP does not currently process forecast hours greater than 999. Modified files that allow forecasts greater than 999 are attached here. The user will need to download both files and copy them to the UPP source directory. They will then need to recompile the code. This is only an issue with Grib1 output.

The attached files are:

- GRIBIT_hhhh.F
- get_postfilename_hhhh.f

You will need to move them to the source code directory. For UPPV4.1, that is in UPPV4.1/sorc/ncep_post.fd/. Before copying the files over, you may consider saving the original files. You will need to copy them in as:

- get_postfilename.f


  • GRIBIT_hhhh.F
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  • get_postfilename_hhhh.f
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