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Idealized Supercell Test on reduced-radius sphere with scaling factor


New member
Dear MPAS Community,
I could successfully compile the Idealized Supercell Test on MPAS with the grid and namelist provided in the supercell.tar.gz file. The given grid in the .tar.gz is for a cartesian plane. But now I want to run the same test for a reduced-radius sphere with some scaling factor (e.g. X=120) as done in the DCMIP2016: the splitting supercell test case (DCMIP2016: the splitting supercell test case). May I know how can I run the test case for a sphere and what changes do I need to make to adjust the reducing scaling factor.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Thank you for the reply Sir. I have gone through the files you have mentioned. Can I install this version of MPAS using the source codes available within this .tar.gz file?
The .tar.gz file from Zenodo should contain all source code necessary to compile and run the DCMIP 2016 idealized supercell on a reduced-radius sphere.