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If my input data have a landmask that is different from the one generated by the geogrid program, which should be used?

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To do masked interpolation correctly, you will need a field that defines the landmask of the input data. If you look at any of the Vtables, we name the landmask field from the incoming data LANDSEA. You need a pair of these landmask fields to do masked interpolation properly. If you do not yet have a landmask field from your data, you should create one and call it LANDSEA. You can use this as a constant input for metgrid (use the namelist variable constants_name). Then in your METGRID.TBL, you should set (using SST as an example):

interp_mask = LANDSEA(1)

In addition, if your SST is masked by some unique value over land (such as e-30), then having a landmask field is important. Having a matching landmask field for the SST is properly interpolated along water/land boundaries.
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