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Initial PM2.5 concentration doesn't show up in 1st time step

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I am running WRFChem 3.9 and my problem is that for PM2.5 and PM10 I don't see the Initial concentrations of wrfinput I produced, in the first time step wrfout file.

Actually, I produced chemical IC/BC and I have values for "p25i" , "p25j" ,and all the other variables. ( max in p25j is 558 microg/kg dry air in wrfinput file and the values seems reasonable since the domain is over India)
And I have mapped my anthropogenic pm25 concentration to E_PM25J in order to able to use emis_opt 3 and chem_opt 107 (RACM-MADE).

However interestingly, "p25i" and "p25j" values and all other Aitken and Accumulation modes variables are the same and very small (10^-15) just in the first time step. Moreover, PM2_5_DRY is zero in this time step, too. So, I think that I am losing some pm25 concentrations because of this problem. (It should be mentioned that this problem is not happening to gas species, "co", for example, is the same as the "co" magnitude in wrfinput)
Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?!