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Interpolating with conservative method MPAS limited-area outputs to lat/lon grid


New member
I am trying to interpolate MPAS limited-area outputs to a lat/lon grid using a conservative method. I've used CDO in the past and it has worked with globals meshes but it is not working for limited-area outputs. I have also asked the CDO forum but haven't received response yet: Any info on this will be much appreciated!

Although I don't have any suggestions to offer at the moment, I did have one question: are the target grids to which you're remapping fields completely contained within the bounds of the regional MPAS mesh? Or are there cells in the target grid that are only partially covered (or not covered at all) by the regional MPAS mesh?
I believe there are cells in the target grid that are only partially covered since it was giving me error of "Source grid cell corner coordinates missing". Do you think it might be best to redefine the regional area to make sure all cells are overed? If so, how can I check that all cells are covered when defining the region?