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Invalid memory reference while running regional atmosphere core

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While I run atmosphere core with regional 15 km mesh, no matter using 1 core or 32 core, I get error file attached and don't get log.atmosphere.0000.err. The gnu version is 5.4.0.


  • log.err.txt
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  • log_32.err.txt
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  • namelist.atmosphere.txt
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  • streams.atmosphere.txt
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Are you able to successfully produce a global simulation using the same init_atmosphere_model and atmosphere_model executables? Can you attach the log.atmosphere.0000.out file to give a better indication of where in the model execution the simulation is crashing?
After using 120 km global mesh to check MPAS-Model, I successfully produce a '' file and a '' file. So it looks like init_atmosphere core works. While running atmosphere core, I get the same error.

ps: prefix=01 means the first simulation with region 15 km mesh
prefix=02 means the second simulation with global 120 km mesh


  • 01_log.atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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  • 02_bsub_km.err.txt
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  • 02_log.atmosphere.0000.out.txt
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  • 02_namelist.atmosphere.txt
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  • 02_streams.atmosphere.txt
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Thanks very much for the additional files. It looks like the model is getting to the point of trying to read the full initial conditions fields from the '' file.

I did notice that you are reading the initial conditions for the global run from a netCDF-4-formatted file. Could you try re-running the init_atmosphere core to produce a new file in CDF-2 format (the default)? You can do this by omitting any specification of 'io_type' in your streams.init_atmosphere file, then removing the specification io_type="netcdf4" from your streams.atmosphere file.

My guess at this point is that the netCDF-4 format is the problem, and switching to the default format (CDF-2) may resolve the issue.