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io_form_history=102 JOINER code

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I ran WRF in cheyenne using 60 nodes and the io_form_history = 102 option. I am now trying to use the joiner utility
but I am having problems understanding how to change the namelist.join

The output file names are like wrfout_d01_2017-10-01_00:00:00_xxxx where xxxx= 0000 to 2159
the individual files have hourly output for a 24-hour period

The namelist.join is attached.

I ran the utility it crashes right away with this message:
./joinwrf < namelist.join

forrtl: severe (43): file name specification error, unit 15, file "Unknown"
Image PC Routine Line Source
joinwrf 00000000008865BB Unknown Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 000000000089D280 Unknown Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 0000000000404EB8 Unknown Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 00000000004045A2 Unknown Unknown Unknown 00007F516A6186E5 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 00000000004044A9 Unknown Unknown Unknown

There is something wrong in the way I am interpreting how to configure the namelist. So any help/ideas are greatly appreciated.




  • namelist.join.txt
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I had a similar problem and after some debugging realized that the namelist was not being passed/read by the joiner program correctly. In the system I ran on, I just executed the command without "<" as ./joinwrf namelist.join and it fixed that issue.
That was also my problem, thanks for the suggestion.

The code is now crashing in another place:
Namelist wrfdfile read in successfully.
dir_extd = './tmp/',
io_form = 7,
grid_id = 2,
init_time_str = '2017-10-01_00:00:00',
start_time_str = '2017-10-01_00:00:00',
history_interval = ' 01_00:00:00',
end_time_str = '2017-10-01_00:00:00',
Error reading NAMELIST file. Job stopped.

have you had good performance with io_form 102 and the joiner code?
Yes, I've been able to run it. Still testing performance.
Based on the namelist you had attached initially I would suggest specifying io_form=7. I also ran into problems when the program read the patches section of the namelist. I also specify nproc_xin = nproc_x.
thanks for the info.
I was having performance issues running WRF in one HPC system and that's why I tried the history 102 option.
However, I got excellent runtime performance using the quilting option at least running on cheyenne. The quilting option is nice too because one does not have to use the joiner code.



How do you compile it?

I am using the following modules,
module load intel/19.0.3
module load mvapich2/2.3.2
module load netcdf/
export NETCDF=/share/apps/netcdf/

I got the following error while compiling it using parallel Intel fortran,

pjoinwrf.f(405): error #6284: There is no matching specific function for this generic function reference. [NF90_DEF_VAR]
istatus = nf90_def_var ( foutid, varname, vartype, vardimids(1:varndims), ovarid , &
compilation aborted for pjoinwrf.f (code 1)
make: *** [pjoinwrf.o] Error 1