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Is there a unit conversion problem in module_uoc_dustwd.F?


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Hi everyone:
I am reading the source code file module_uoc_dustwd.F in recent days and I notice that Line 161 in module_uoc_dustwd.F:
dbinmm = dbinm*conver6 ! mean dimension of dust (m) in the bin
conver6 = 1.e-6 ! transformation um to m
converts the units of dbinm from um to m. The dbinm is defined in Line 118 as:
dbinm() = 2.0d0*reff_dust()
However, the unit of reff_dust defined in module_data_gocart_dust.F is already meter:
real*8, DIMENSION (5), PARAMETER :: reff_dust(5)=(/0.73D-6,1.4D-6,2.4D-6,4.5D-6,8.0D-6/)
Thus, the unit of dbinmm is not meter.
Since I am a begginer of the WRF model, I have no idea that this is my misunderstanding or this is a unit conversion problem that needs to be fixed.
Thanks in advance!
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