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Joiner program run time error

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I am using the Joiner program provided on page
to join split netCDF wrfout files of each single processor into one file for the entire domain, when I use "io_form_histrory=102" as my output option.

I can compile the joiner program with ifort (parallel) with no error, but when I do $joinwrf <namelist.join, the output on the terminal is:

forrtl: severe (43): file name specification error, unit 15, file "Unknown"
Image PC Routine Line Source
joinwrf 0000000000435DBE for__io_return Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 000000000044C8F5 for_open Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 000000000040A9BB Unknown Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 000000000040A0AE Unknown Unknown Unknown 00002AAAAC667555 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
joinwrf 0000000000409FA9 Unknown Unknown Unknown

Can anyone help me figure out how to fix it?

Resolved. Turned out that this program needs lots of debugging and edits to run. The major problem is
1.You should not compile pjoinwrf.F as written in the Makefile from the downloaded .tar, instead should change it to fjoinwrf.F. pjoinwrf.F is buggy and what caused my error.

2.For WRF v3 onwards the netCDF format is not specified by io_form_* = 7, but io_form_* = 2. You should change all the 7's in statements like "if (io_form \= 7)" to 2.

3. If you compile WRF to be double precision, you need to add a section in fjoinwrf.F of "CASE NC_DOUBLE", and change the declaration of "vararr" from "Real" to "Real*8" or "DOUBLE PRECISION".