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KPP_compile(‘FatalError’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration])

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Dear all

i am facing problem of "‘FatalError’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]" durng KPP compilaton with WRF-4.2.1. i am new in WRF-CHEM user so please guide me.

i have already attached both "./compile >& compile_kpp.log &" and "./compile em_real >& compile_em_real.log & " in bellow.

thanks & regards
Ummed Singh


  • compile_em_real.log
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  • compile_kpp.log
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It looks like you ran out of memory on your compile (see *** buffer overflow detected ***: terminated, in compile_em_real.log). Try increasing the available memory, or just delete the crimech mechanisms from the chem/KPP directory if you aren't using them. Also, just fyi, there is no need to compile KPP separately. As long as WRF_KPP=1 when you configure and compile, it will also be compiled.