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Link to download source code WRFDA doesn't work.

Continuing this thread. I am having the same problem. I am unable to download any source code data from the WRFDA site. I can download WRF source code data just fine. But the WRFDA source code link is broken. I need to download multiple source codes from that site but am currently unable to.
Let me refine the issue I am having. It looks like the git repository for WRFDA works fine. I can download that repository using the overarching wrf-github infrastructure. However, if I try to download the adjoint model WRFPLUS, it asks me for a user name and password. I assume my user name is the email address I used to register for this code long ago; but these are supposed to be public repositories so I am not sure what my password is supposed to be. When I try to go to the WRFDA site and register and/or sign in to download the WRFPLUS code, I get the Connect Error:2002 mentioned above. Is all 4DVAR functionality and 3DVAR functionality built into the WRFDA infrastructure now? I apologize for the question - I have not had a need to use the WRFDA code for many years and am returning to it now so I need to be able to use it going forward. Thanks!
Now WRF, WRFDA, and WRFPLUS are stored in the same package which you can get from GitHub. After downloading WRF package, decompress it three times, rename it to WRF, WRFDA, and WRFPLUS.