Little R Example files?

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Hi all,

I posted a question in the obsproc forum, but it is quite void of any recent replies to anything. So I'll try here (sorry).

Wondering if there are any example text files of little-r formatted data to debug an issue my WRFDA program is experiencing. I'm testing error propagation in the model by creating fake air reports to assimilate into WRF. Despite both my geographic domain and time window being valid for the observations I've created, obsproc.exe rejects everything. My namelist.obsproc and namelist.input files appear to match, and the .exe program gets hungup after a "STOP 99999" message. Thus I figure it might be a formatting issue in the Little-R code I wrote, namely for the time stamp. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached my files.


  • namelist.input
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  • namelist.obsproc.txt
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  • pseudo_obs_2020_10_01_00_00_00_0001.txt
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  • obs_gts_read.diag.txt
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did you use your wind data as u and v component or just wind speed and direction?