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Looking for information about pio1.f90 and pio2.f90?

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Dear Sir,

I want to know which part of MPAS requires this file (pio1.f90 or pio2.f90)? I always fail and get the error message: "gfortran: error: pio1.f90: No such file or directory".

And the file (pio1.f90 or pio2.f90) was created by PIO? I don't seem to have it. When I successfully installed PIO1 or PIO2 (make did not produce any errors), there was no such file(pio1.f90 or pio2.f90) in include or lib.

PS: I use Ubuntu 20.04, the gcc is 9.3.0.

Thank you for reading.
pio1.f90 and pio2.f90 are files that are temporary created by the top-level MPAS Makefile and are used to determine which PIO version the user has installed. We added this check in the makefile to ensure the user correctly specified the USE_PIO2 in their make command. Before version 7.0 if the user incorrectly specified USE_PIO2, there was not a helpful error message for telling the user that they should specify USE_PIO2=true.

The error that you are getting now most likely represents an error with the installation of libraries or the linking/including of these libraries. If you could provide a textfile of your log, that can help us determine why this error is occurring.