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Low PM2.5 in WRF/Chem v4.0


New member
Hello everyone,

I'm now running WRF/Chem 4.0 with chem_opt=132 (CB05-MADE/VBS). I got very low pM2.5 concentrations (around half of the observed level). I checked the wrfchemi files and they look fine. I'm wondering what other reasons could lead to such low PM2.5 results?
Attached is my namelist.input file.

- Selene


  • namelist.input.txt
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Hi Selene,

There are dozens of reasons why one might be simulating low PM2.5, but without knowing the particulars of your domain, time period, physics selections, and emission sectors, it will be difficult for anyone to assist. I suggest to do some background reading on WRF-Chem simulations over your target domain and/or time period to see how they have performed and their model setup.