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MADIS2LITTLER severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred

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I am using MADIS2LITTLER to handle MADIS data. I used netcdf-3.6.1 to install MADIS API and MADIS2LITTLER.

It can handle point/metar data, but when run that using LDAD/mesonet data, it can generate only one hourly file then has an error:

MADIS namelist input file successfully read.
Printing contents of MADIS namelist input file...

madis_debug = 0
madis_version = 4.2

madis_metar_db = FSL
madis_metar_minbck = -90
madis_metar_minfwd = 90
madis_metar_recwin = 4
madis_metar_all_providers = T
madis_metar_provider_list = ./metar_provider

madis_sound_db = FSL
madis_sound_minbck = -90
madis_sound_minfwd = 90
madis_sound_recwin = 4

madis_profiler_db = FSL
madis_profiler_minbck = -90
madis_profiler_minfwd = 90
madis_profiler_recwin = 4
madis_profiler_all_providers = T
madis_profiler_provider_list =

madis_airep_db = FSL
madis_airep_minbck = -90
madis_airep_minfwd = 90
madis_airep_recwin = 4

madis_geoamv_db = FSL
madis_geoamv_minbck = -90
madis_geoamv_minfwd = 90
madis_geoamv_recwin = 4
madis_geoamv_all_providers = T
madis_geoamv_provider_list =
madis_geoamv_wv = T
madis_geoamv_ir = T
madis_geoamv_vis = F
madis_geoamv_s10 = F
madis_geoamv_s11 = F

Allocating memory for MADIS arrays SFC (METAR, SAO, ALL-MESO, COOP) obs...
forrtl: severe (174): SIGSEGV, segmentation fault occurred
Image PC Routine Line Source
madis_to_little_r 00000000004D2E6A Unknown Unknown Unknown
libpthread-2.17.s 00002AADA84D6630 Unknown Unknown Unknown
madis_to_little_r 000000000058DEC0 Unknown Unknown Unknown
madis_to_little_r 000000000050DD3B Unknown Unknown Unknown
madis_to_little_r 000000000045CC99 Unknown Unknown Unknown
madis_to_little_r 000000000044BAF7 Unknown Unknown Unknown
madis_to_little_r 0000000000417A76 Unknown Unknown Unknown
madis_to_little_r 0000000000404862 Unknown Unknown Unknown 00002AADA8705555 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
madis_to_little_r 0000000000404769 Unknown Unknown Unknown

I think it may be due to limited memory, but I have use mem-per-cpu=160G.

I will be thankful for any advice.