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make CORE=init_atmosphere ERROR

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When I try to compile init_atmosphere for MPAS, I got following error:

rarray_ptr = c_loc(rarray)
Error: Argument 'rarray' to 'c_loc' at (1) must be an associated scalar POINTER

But compiling CORE=atmosphere is successful. Any help/thought/comment is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
Sorry for the late reply. I am using GCC v4. I just recently upgraded it to v6. Should I recompile everything including PIO, netCDF, etc, with the newer version of gfortran, or just the MPAS part? Thanks!
I think you'll need to recompile PIO, netCDF, etc. The MPAS Fortran code uses Fortran modules (*.mod files) from PIO, and the format of these .mod files is often specific to a particular compiler version. So, at a minimum you'll need to compile MPAS and PIO with the same compiler version, but the recompilation of PIO may require compiling parallel-netCDF and netCDF. The safe option would probably be to simply recompile all libraries.
Thanks very much! Yes, you are right, I basically recompile every library, otherwise it will say *.mod is compiled from a different version of GNU Fortran. And finally I got the MPAS compiled successfully! Will see if I can run it successfully as well. Fingers crossed.