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Making changes to module_optical_averaging.F

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Hi all,

I posted this in the WRF-Chem help section but am posting here as well. I am running a 5 yr WRF-Chem simulation that includes dust. About 6 months into the simulation the run crashes because the calculated refractive index threshold is exceeded. According to this website ( the solution is to increase the threshold in the module_optical_averaging.F file and recompile WRF.

I have done this several times and each time that I have done this none of the changes that I make to the module_optical_averaging.F file do not take hold. The model crashes in the same spot with the same error. Even though the changes that I made to the threshold are still there when I check the module_optical_averaging.F file. Is there a step that I am missing to get the changes to take hold?

I am using WRF-Chem V3.8. I have also run the same 5 yr period without dust and the simulation finishes with no issues. Any help is appreciated.

- Marcus Williams