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Aloha all,

Do you know if there are plans or perhaps if it is already possible to assimilate sensors on board of METOP C in WRFDA? WRFDA allows assimilation of METOP A/B sensors, but I am not sure if it can assimilate METOP-C.

Would that require to only have the file adjusted to include the bias corrections for his sensors (AMSU/MHS/IASI) and the radiance-info files?
Any news on this would be greatly appreciated.

Much Aloha,

Tiziana Cherubini.
The changes for Metop-C ( has been merged to the developed branch of the WRF repository.
Thank you!!! This is very helpful.

Also, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I noticed then when assimilating radiances from the NCEP gdas files (available at synoptic hours), the WRFDA seems to select the first satellite pass (for a selected sensor) available in the gdas file. Sometimes the gdas file contains two passages from consecutive platforms (ex. METOPA/B/C or JPSS) and both might fall within the assimilation window, but not necessarily the first pass is the closest to the assimilation time, or one might want to assimilate both. Why does the wrfda assimilate just the first pass and disregard the second one? Is there a way around this that anyone knows of?

Thank you very much,

Tiziana Cherubini.