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Missing -lpio dependence with 7.0 version

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Carl Ponder

New member
Building MPAS-A 7.0 with PIO 2.5.2 I get this error

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpio

I fixed the problem by commenting these lines out of the Makefile:
    461    ifneq ($(wildcard $(PIO_LIB)/libpio\.*), )
    462            LIBS += -lpio
    463    endif
Thre is no plain "libpio.a" or "" in any of the PIO versions I've built. Is there an option in the PIO build for this?

Regardless, I'm guessing that the test here is not formulated correctly.
I don't see the problem with the MPAS-A 6.0 source code, but the Makefile rule is formulated differently than with 7.0.
I think PR #707 should address this issue. Could you try merging the 'framework/fix_pio_lib_checks' branch from that PR into your local working branch to see whether that resolves the issue for you?